Single Focus, Group Strength

The Branstetter Group, specializes in Vintage Tile, Slate, and Mineral Fiber identification, product location, and roof inspection, including specialized planning of roof restorations of Historical properties with these Specialty products, Natural Slate, Clay Tile, Concrete Tile and Mineral Fiber Slate as well as other outdated specialty materials, found on Institutional and Church projects, including Steeple repairs, Estate homes, many which are on the National Historical Homes Registry.

The Branstetter Group provides Insurance Carriers with Specialty File Estimates and Inspections, TBG assists Insurance Adjusters in providing accurate real time Specialty information, at the point of loss, while providing specialized Planning and Project Management to the Insured’s, and Quality Installation through a Group Team of Licensed and Certified Contractors.

TBG has standardized the Vintage product industry identification data flow and is continuing to streamline the Specialty Claims process through a growing Network of Approved Specialty Contractors, providing roof inspection and restoration services.

TBG is qualified to help with all your Specialty Product Planning needs. TBG has Team presence from Coast to Coast and follows the European Model of Repair and Restoration through a consolidate effort with the Nation’s largest consolidated Vintage Roof Material Vendor Group and the Nation’s largest growing Approved Specialty Contractor Group strategically located in their own local markets, providing unparalleled service and response time.

The Approved Group Contractors can also provide Specialty Coating products for Commercial Building Retrofits, as well as Commercial Re-Roof services that may be in conjunction with these loses, such as Large Church and or Institutional Projects.

Contact the Branstetter Group at or (918) 605-9183